Meet Marvel’s New Superhero! SuperCAMan!

Rumours are rife in Hollywood that Marvel is about to start filming a new Superhero blockbuster based on the heroic activities of tireless crusader for justice, Fergus Beeley, to be released in late Autumn next year.

SuperCAManBeeley, who is widely rumoured to be played by John Cleese in the movie is shown here using his amazing power of Citizens Arrest on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un following a sneak double nuclear attack on Milton Keynes.

The Uncaped (some say, Unbalanced) Crusader has been extremely busy since he burst onto the world stage on the 22nd July, when he was filmed single-handedly Citizens Arresting an entire family near the M27, including a dangerous 14-year old boy sitting in the back seat.  Following this triumphal entry to the panoply of Superheroes, SuperCAMam has vowed to use his Citizen’s Arrest superpower to detain every single person in the whole world who have mocked him, made Memes about him or laughed at him, on social or mass media.  He needs to be a Superhero to carry out that vow since the number of mockers, laughers and other assorted villains who think Mr Beeley is, in the words of one of his fans, ‘a complete and utter bell-end,’ is now believed to have passed the 17 million mark.

Beeley Choke


Mr Beeley’s powers are not confined to Citizen s Arrest.  He is also an expert in a wide range of deadly martials arts including the fearsome Chorley Chokehold, shown here.

In the hands of an expert, like Mr Beeley, the Chorley Chokehold accompanied with the boggle-eyed, spit-filled spluttering in the face is enough to persuade the most hardened criminal to immediately surrender to this unstoppable force for justice and ask for a towel to dry himself off again.


Villains of the world beware.  

There’s no place to hide from SuperCAMan!

CA Sign




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