Merkel Smug

Germany’s embattled Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to receive the prestigious Four Freedoms Award this April.


According to the Netherlands-based Roosevelt Foundation, the award is given to “men and women whose achievements have demonstrated a commitment to those principles which President Roosevelt proclaimed in his historic speech to Congress on 6th January, 1941, as essential to democracy”.  Namely:

Freedom of speech and expression

Freedom of worship

Freedom from want

Freedom from fear

Merkel will receive the award in recognition of her efforts to tackle the recent major issues that have faced the European Union, ranging from the Greek debt crisis to the refugee influx and the conflict in Ukraine.

And people say that the one thing the Dutch and the Germans have in common is that they both lack a sense of humour!!!

Immigrant Boat


Merkel has probably done more than any other politician to promote the refugee crisis.  When she declared last year that the European Union’s richest country was open to all Syrian refugees, not only did she effectively increase the flood coming from that war-torn country but issued a blank cheque to every able-bodied economic migrant from Pakistan to Somalia.  Turning a blind eye to the fact, even admitted by the usually mute BBC, that  the majority of refugees were not in fact, Syrians at all, she continued to blindly hold the doors wide open, riding roughshod over the protests of Germany’s neighbours and her own citizens, until by the end of the year the number of ‘refugees’ had topped the one million mark.  In the process, German citizens were kicked out of their houses, the German media bent over backwards to hide protests by the ordinary German citizenry, German schools issued edicts that their own pupils should ‘cover up so as to avoid offending the new arrivals’ and sent those same pupils to clean Refugee Camps as ‘Work Experience’.  Most shamefully of all, when almost one hundred women were  attacked and sexually molested and one seriously injured by those self-same ‘refugees’, on New Year’s Eve, her police lied about it, her media covered it up and finally the most potent symbol of her repressive regime, Water Cannon Trucks were used, not on those who had carried out the sex attacks but on her own citizens protesting about them.

Water Cannon 2

Leaving aside the EU’s direct involvement in causing the Greek Debt Crisis and provoking the Ukrainian conflict,  Frau Merkel’s Immigrant Soup should, by itself be enough reason for denying Germany’s ‘leader’ any sort of award.  Let’s take a look at those ‘Four Freedoms’

Freedom of speech and expression

Under Merkel, the German media have remained, for the main part, silent on all and any issues caused by the arrival of over one million migrants including, until the issue became too big to ignore, the Cologne attacks.

Freedom of worship

Reports have come out of Germany of Churches being invaded during Christian services with the intention of disrupting the Christian sacrament.

Freedom from want

This may be true of the migrants with their new Residence Permits, Benefits and Housing but is clearly not true for those German citizens forced to give up their homes.

Freedom from fear

Even Merkel would have to admit that Germany is, as a direct result of her policies, a far more fearful place than it was a year ago.  The attacks at Cologne were just the tip of an iceberg that has seen multiple arrests for rapes in at least five German citie,s to date, and the formation of vigilante groups to protect German women.

Der Speigel announced almost exactly one year ago that Merkel will stand for a fourth term as Chancellor in 2017.  Let’s hope that the German people give her the award that she truly deserves – a resounding NEIN DANKE…..


German Flag



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