Frau Merkel’s Migrant Soup


Before making this soup please note the following points carefully!

[1]  This soup is hot and spicy and liable to come to the boil very quickly.

[2]  Notwithstanding the above, this soup can be kept simmering for a very long time providing you have (1) a controlled media, (2) an acquiescent police force and (3) have taken care to stamp out any freedom of speech on Social Media.


  • One million plus ‘Syrian Refugees’.  Please note that the definition of ‘Syrian Refugee’ may include young men from literally any third-world country.
  • A willingness to gloss over the fact that the vast majority of these ‘Refugees’ are actually young unskilled, uneducated, men aged between 16 and 25 with a medieval mindset towards women.
  • A good supply of ‘Lefty Liberal Luvvies’.  You’ll need a lot of these to wave ‘Welcome To My Country’ signs and write approved letters, articles, tweets and Facebook posts condemning anybody not finding this recipe to their taste as, ‘Racists, Fascists, Zionists or Islamophobes’, (these terms can be used interchangeably of course).  Note Bene – You will find your supply of Luvvies may reduce radically during the course of making this soup – be prepared to import some from other countries, (Sweden is still a good source of these vital ingredients).
  • A huge pile of ‘Residence Permits’.  Remember to keep more in stock than you think you’ll need as these will often be torn up and thrown at your police officers or burnt alongside your flag.
  •  Complicit and compliant chiefs of police in your towns and cities.
  •  A fully controlled media.
  •  A willingness to invade freedom of speech on social media – at least in your own country – to remove any faintly critical comments about the flavour of the soup.


Once you’ve assembled all these ingredients then you’re ready to begin!


Tell the whole world that your country is open for invasion.

Strengthen this message by adding that anyone making it into your country will receive benefits and free housing.

Remove your own nationals from their homes wherever possible and use them to house any new arrivals.

Use your controlled media to promote messages of ‘Cultural Enrichment’ whilst ignoring all and any protests from your own citizens (you know – the ones who can trace their roots in your country back hundreds of years).

Use your influence at the EU to ride roughshod over the objections of neighbouring countries.

Arrange to have social media closely monitored, remove any posts criticising your soup and if possible persecute those behind them.

Keep a close eye on the soup whilst boiling and if at any time it looks like it will boil over inform your EU neighbours that ‘cooking the soup’ is also their problem and they’ll have to drink some too.  Brush off any comments that as they weren’t involved in the recipe they don’t want to drink the damn stuff.

Finally, remember – It doesn’t matter that your own citizens don’t like your soup.  It doesn’t matter that your European neighbours don’t like your soup.  They don’t understand the ‘big picture’.

After all – They may have this recipe but you’re the one with the cookbook.





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