News emerging from Downing Street reveals the latest plans to further harmonise the European Region formerly known as Great Britain with the rest of the EU superstate.

Confident of an ‘IN’ vote, the Prime Minister’s aides have now started drawing up plans to finally change the direction of travel on Britain’s roads to match that of the rest of Europe.

 The ‘Rule of the Road’, travelling on the left had side of the carriageway, was officially sanctioned in 1300 AD when Pope Boniface VIII declared that all pilgrims travelling to Rome should keep to the left.  Historically, the practice dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, or even further, and was all to do with keeping your sword hand free…  In those days, since you never knew who Capturewho you were going to meet when travelling and with most people being right-handed, a stranger would pass on your right – your sword hand side.   There is even evidence that the Romans drove carts and wagons on the left, and it is known that Roman soldiers always marched on the left side of the carriageway.

On the assumption that the Government achieves the Referendum result they expect (and Brussels demands), the switch to the right could begin as early as January 2018.  In order to allow for a sensible ‘phasing in’ of the new scheme, EU road traffic experts have advised that the ‘crossARCover’ should happen in three stages, each stage separated by a two-week interval.  Light vehicles (cars, scooters, motorcyles and light vans) would switch first, followed two weeks later by vans, buses and lorries under 7.5 tonnes then finally, after another two week interval, heavy good vehicles (HGVs).

 Following the successful switch-over, roundabout priorities will also be changed to align with the EU model, the most famous example of which being the Arc d’Triomphe ‘rond point’ n Paris.   Once implemented, as in the EU, vehicles joining the roundabout will have priority over those already on it thus hugely improving traffic flow as anybody who has driven around the Arc d’Triomphe can testify.



  1. I think in some large towns and cities the chaos has already started as a number of drivers used to this process in their own countries simply continue to do the same here anyway. Will we also follow the ‘driving licenses are optional’ rule at some point too?

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