Reports are emerging, that once again, the BBC is embroiled in a furious row with one of it’s major sponsors, the EU;  this time over its flagship Saturday evening show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Back in June, a similar argument broke out over the EU’s decision to ban long-running favourite, ‘Dad’s Army’, (, over fears that it promoted nationalistic fever amongst the European citizens of the region formerly known as Great Britain and inspired fear of that region’s military might elsewhere in the EU.  This time the issue revolves around the amount of bare skin exposed by the dancers  and the impact revelations about their personal lives are having on impressionable young people across the EU superstate.


In an unlikely grouping, feminist and religious groups have joined forces to lobby the EU Council of Ministers to impose strict new guidelines on what the dancers are allowed to wear on stage.  Flying in the face of what some might believe to be commonsense, the EU’s Minister For Dance, Ivana Güüsestepp, who hails from the former East Germany said, “There is absolutely no reason for dances such as the Salsa, the Samba or the Rhumba to be conducted in the sort of skimpy outfits that we are frequently exposed to.  Full body shell-suits are very colourful and attractive as well as easy to dance in and worn with a suitable head-covering would avoid the chances of offending anyone.”


“in fact,” she added, “we have already made available to the BBC a range of suitable outfits in EU colours and bearing positive slogans on the back such as ‘TOGETHER WE’RE STRONGERand we expect to see the dancers wearing these in the immediate future.  Otherwise, I regret that the current series will have to be brought to a premature finish.”

Beneficii Scotocitor, Head of the BBC’s EU Office has been quoted as saying.  “We are working closely with the EU Arts and Entertainments committee to resolve this.  It is quite likely that we will pilot the introduction of the new costumes by featuring a special display dance by Herr Juncker and Frau Merkel.”


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  1. How dare they interfere with our exposure of high quality British flesh in poses of wonderfully curvaceous and
    flowing free movements! The German and French broadcasters, which dominate the EU, are simply jealous of us!

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