EU’s Spy In The Cab

European automobile manufacturers have today reacted angrily to reports that the EU’s Transport & Safety department intend to issue a ruling that all cars manufactured within the Eurozone must be fitted with the Verkehrsverstoß Ansager with effect from 2020.

EU Number Plate2

This ‘intelligent’ Europlate will replace the current number plate system for all new cars within the EU with Country Identifiers being dropped at the same time.  Nearly twice the size of current number plates, the LCD display will be divided into two parts with the upper section showing the European Registration Number (ERN) and the bottom reserved for messages relating to the occupants of the car.


The EU Commissioner for Road Safety, Tryan Fuchinwagen denied that the idea of the directive was to enable offenders to be easily spotted by Europolice cars or safety cameras but insisted that ‘if people know that their illicit activities are clear for other road users to see then they will be ashamed and correct their behaviour accordingly’.

It’s understood that the smart Europlate will be linked with various sensors within the car and connected via the vehicle electronic management system to report:

  • Speeding
  • Smoking
  • Phone Use
  • Tail-gating
  • Overcrowding

Reports that a sixth category of ‘sexual improprietary’ had been considered was flatly denied by Herr Fuchinwagen although he did admit that they had received information of vehicles behaving erratically due to the (usually male) drivers losing concentration at critical moments.


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