The Five Most Common Preconceptions About Finland – EXPOSED!


Finland is a land of snow and ice….

You’ve all heard this one, I’m sure. Finland is snow, ice and in words of Monty Python, the country I quite want to be; pony-trekking, camping or even watching some TV. But we crafty Finns keep the best places to ourselves and Rannikolla Alko, on Finland’s western side, benefits from the Baltic Gulf Stream and basks in +20 degree temperatures for more than eight months a year!! Handkerchief-wearing Brits and deckchair-reserving Germans not wanted here!!!


Finland is covered with impenetrable pine forests….

Well… This certainly used to be true. As the old Finnish proverb says – A candle can light up the darkest forest – and the Wehrmacht went out of their way to prove this to be true in 1944. However, those parts of the Finnish forest which survived the German blitzkrieg were then cut down in 1991, following the break-up…

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